Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Project Take?

Every design is different, however, if there are no delays in changing nameservers, providing your content etc, a typical website will take approx 3 and 5 days to complete. 

Will My Site Be Backed Up?

It is the clients responsibility to do all backups of their site. If, in the unfortunate event, something happens to your files, it is your responsibility to have a local copy of your files. We are NOT held liable in any way for any files, money, time, effort, etc... lost due to this unfortunate event. Furthermore, if your files are lost, we will attempt to restore them as a gesture of good faith, but make no promises what so ever about whether the files will be brought back successfully or not. Again, back ups are the client's responsibility.

While we cannot address account specifics, please understand that when a hosting account is cancelled GRS Web Hosting may retain the data for a limited time on other servers for disaster recovery, not for customer archival purposes (we have recommended from the beginning that customer's back-up their own data). 

To restore our customer’s individual website, a GRS Web Hosting server administrator would then need to restore the comprehensive backups incrementally to the time of requested restoration.  

Once the server has been restored to the correct point in time, our server administrator would then access the server and make copies of our customer’s website files.  They would then upload these copies to our customer’s current hosting account.  

This process is costly in both time and manual effort.  To cover these costs, GRS Web Hosting charges a nominal fee of £35.00.

Again, while this is not our preferred customer interaction it does reflect real-world costs, they relate to actual expenses and are not intended to be punitive.

How Can I Pay For My Project?

We accept payment via PayPal where you can use cash, debit cards or credit cards. We also accept payment via bank transfer. We will begin your project once we have received full payment.